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The Notcast: Life, Love, Misery & Deep Sh*t

Do you ever wonder, "What the f*ck am I doing here? Is this it?"


Maybe you've got the car, career, house, family and friends - everything that SHOULD make you happy. But still, there's this tenacious sense of being trapped, stuck, lost. Or just a bit bloody empty.


Welcome to the Notcast Podcast!


Where two therapist-coaches - AKA thera-coaches - lay bare their psycho-spiritual journey of struggle, strife, and realisation in their soul-search for the keys to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Mar 3, 2022

Been beguiled by betrayal?

Listen in to hear Ami and David inform against their experience of betrayal and broken trust in various relationships, and what it takes to come out of the other side un-defected.

Taking a stab at the back and front-end of such topics as:

⭕️ What really makes a person betray?
⭕️ Betrayal vs. self-betrayal
⭕️ Why betrayal could be the worst thing we experience as human beings
⭕️ The safety-stuckness trap of taking the higher ground
⭕️ The powerful perspective-shifting question you can ask yourself to help regain your trust again

How do you learn to trust again and stop pointing the finger without good treason?

Tune in to find out!